The Shower Ritual

Oct 27, 2023
The Shower Ritual

Hammam is the Arabic word for bath and historically this style of body cleansing begins with a long hot, steamy soak. But for those who either don’t have a tub or who prefer showering to bathing, hammam-style body cleansing is possible in the shower as well.

For “shower people” (be it by preference or necessity), here are our tips for practicing the Body Cleansing Ritual under the stream.


Get steamy 

Key to success with the Body Cleansing Ritual, whether in the bath or shower, is making sure your skin is warm and pores are open. And nothing encourages skin to open and soften better than warm steam. So as the shower water warms up, close the door or shower curtain to capture as much steam as possible. You’re aiming for a warm, wet environment. 

Savor the soak 

The first step of hammam is soaking, which in the shower looks like allowing time for the water to warm and soften your skin. Importantly, include the Exfoliating Body Glove in this soaking step so it becomes flexible and warm too. This is a great time to practice mindfulness and ground yourself into your body and the present moment. 

Let it (the Pre-Exfoliating Foam) sit 

Our innovative Pre-Exfoliating Foam works by preparing skin for exfoliation, loosening dead skin cells to be sloughed away with the Exfoliating Body Glove, and by providing rich fatty acids and emollients that smooth and protect the new skin layers underneath. It works quickly and, as in the bath, only needs a few seconds to soak into your skin before being rinsed. So lather up (outside of the stream), pause for a few seconds and rinse, just as you would when bathing. 

Rinse purposefully 

When you’re ready to exfoliate, move out from under the shower’s stream (or at least remove the part you’re exfoliating from the direct water flow) and wring out excess water from the glove. Work in long smooth strokes up and down with the palm of your hand, one body part at a time. If you need to rinse the glove as you go, do so, but exfoliate completely before rinsing each part of your body for best results. 

Lather as usual 

The hydrating & nourishing step of the ritual, done with our pink clay and vegan collagen body wash, completes the cleansing aspect of the body cleansing practice, removing any remaining dead skin, purifying newly uncovered pores, and delivering potent nourishment to fresh skin layers that are eager to soak it up. This step should feel familiar but delightfully hydrating and indulgent. 

Moisturize immediately  

When you’re ready to get out, gently pat skin to remove excess water being mindful not to rub or overly dry. A bit of moisture left on skin helps the body oil to spread evenly and sink into pores. Smooth the body oil all over immediately while skin is still warm and damp. 


That’s all it takes to “bathhouse at home” in your shower.