The Bathhouse Ritual

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95% of users said their skin looked smoother and felt softer after 3 weeks of use.

4-step body cleansing for softer, smoother, brighter skin 

Welcome the bathhouse home and reveal your softest, most radiant skin with this body cleansing system inspired by ancient Mediterranean bathhouse practices. 

  1. Soak & Prepare (Pre-Exfoliating Foam)

  2. Exfoliate (Exfoliating Body Glove)

  3. Purify & Hydrate (Body Wash)

  4. Nourish (Dry Body Oil)

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Consumer Test Results

97% Said their skin was smoother
92% said the ritual felt like an act of self-care.
89% Said their skin looked healthier and felt softer

Results from 36 people who did the The Bathhouse Ritual twice per week for 21 days and reported their results. 


Start with a warm, steamy room. While you soak, let the Exfoliating Body Glove soften in the warm water too. 


Inside the set

eco crafted in France

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