Bathhouse at home 

4-step skin renewal inspired by Mediterranean bathing practices.

Consumer Results

97% Said their skin was smoother
89% Said their skin looked healthier and felt softer
81% Said it left their skin glowing and looking more youthful

Results from 36 people who did The Bathhouse Ritual twice per week for 21 days and reported their results.

4 time-honored steps

Each step in The Bathhouse Ritual takes cues from ancient bathhouse traditions and begins with a long hot, steamy soak.

Cherished for millennia, modernized with science

The Bathhouse Ritual brings new life to one of civilization’s oldest self-care practices with modern day skincare actives and a first of its kind microbiome-friendly exfoliation process.

“Mediterranean-style bathing was all I knew until I left Tunisia. I am honored to be able to share its beauty and rejuvenation with the world.”

Teyma Touati, Founder & Formulator

Our Story
Born on the Mediterranean. Crafted in France

Formulated and certified to the highest eco-conscious standard in the world, our ritual is meticulously crafted to soothe people and planet.

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Discover your truest skin

Reveal silky smooth skin and your most radiant body complexion with our at-home Bathhouse Ritual.